Why Choose Us

Our business is built on exceeding client’s expectations, which is why so many people choose us each year to sell or rent their properties. Our landlords live locally, across Australia and overseas and enjoy honest, friendly and stress free management of their investment properties.

Our competitive Management fees deliver the highest standards and mutually strict guidelines. Zero Tolerance to Rent Arrears = More money in your pocket Accurate Market Appraisal = Market rent being achieved Strict Tenant Selection = No damage to your property Quality and Cost effective Contractors = saving on maintenance Communication – Is the key to any successful relationship and we guarantee to receive the information you require, importantly on your terms.

On a monthly, weekly and daily basis your dedicated Property Manager is busy following up…

• Payment of Rent 
• Maintenance 
• Trades people 
• Lease Renewals 
• Bond Top Ups 
• Smoke Alarms 
• Entry Reports 
• Exit Reports 
• Rental Arrears 
• Rent Increases 
• Vacating Tenant 
• Customer Satisfaction Reports 
• Processing Bonds 
• Legislation Amendments

“We will take the day to day hassles out of owing an investment property”